Who is niosense

niosense was founded following a structured approach with the intention of improving mobility in cities. When we analyzed the current situation in cities, we noticed that they are not performing optimally in several aspects. We have determined that we want to improve interactions between citizens and infrastructure through a radical improvement in detection. niosense was born

The founders

Patrick Lauzière, ing.

niosense's visionary (CEO)


An electrical engineer specializing in software and embedded systems, Patrick began his career at Honeywell in industrial control systems. As such, he has developed and implemented innovative software to link optimization algorithms to the controls of polyethylene factories. He proceeded with the implementation of this software and several other industrial solutions in several countries including Canada, England, United States, Saudi Arabia, China and Czech Republic.

He subsequently launched and sold a GPS vehicle tracking company, then led the engineering and industrial services groups for Honeywell before making the jump as Vice President of Technology and Development in an equipment company. traffic control. In this role, he was able to set up many innovative projects, in particular improved traffic boxes, installation of road sensors, and numerous projects for the generation, collection and integration of mobility data. He is now dedicated to niosense's mission to democratize access to technological infrastructure for urban mobility, with the stated goal of changing the way humanity moves in cities for the common good.


Electrical and computer engineer (UQTR), David Préville began his career in a research center on new GSM and CDMA cellular technologies. His career led him to participate in the launch of the first cellular network “made in” Quebec. He also contributed to the launch of the first mobile video platform in Canada as well as the launch of a video platform on the web. He then joined the CIMA + team as project manager. Proactive, dynamic and multidisciplinary, he has distinguished himself through his actions and interactions with customers and by being recognized by his peers who have offered him the title of associate partner within the smart and sustainable cities team.

David has carried out numerous intelligent lighting management systems, smart cities and ITS projects with various clients, such as the city of Montreal, Les Ponts Jacques Cartier and Champlain Inc. and Aéroports de Montréal. He also managed the operations of a company specializing in building control and leader in the design and implementation of Building Management Platforms (ERP) and worked on the realization of large-scale projects in the field of smart and sustainable cities in as Vice-President - smart cities for Énergère, before launching niosense. David is dedicated to niosense's mission by implementing the company's vision to democratize access to urban mobility infrastructure and deliver benefits to all of society.

David Préville, ing.

niosense's integrator (COO)

Cores values

Do what is right

Consider the impact of your solution on everyone

Gets things done

when there is a will, there is a way


allow everyone to contribute to the end result


follow moral and ethical convictions

Why the name niosense? What does he mean?

The name niosense was inspired by the element niobium (Nb) combined with the word sensor. Niobium is a metal which, added in small quantities to alloys, significantly improves their resistance to high temperatures. At niosense, that's what we do: we add a small amount of high-level intelligence to the city's sensor chain to induce major impacts.


atomic mass




Atomic number

What is the meaning of the niosense logo?

The niosense logo separates the two components of the name using two different colors to clearly identify the application of each component to form a complete solution. The dot in the center of the n represents the human and the n itself represents the extension of that human to increase his presence and interactions with his environment.

The simplicity of the lines of the custom font demonstrates our commitment to making every project simpler and more efficient.

Overall, the niosense logo describes our identity and our mission to make cities better for all citizens through the use of innovative technologies and placing people at the center of all strategies.

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